File Sharing & Collaboration

Securely store and collaborate on company documents and data
Ensuring data is secure but also accessible to all of your colleagues, partners, co-workers and customers is a difficult task. We offer three methods for distributing and sharing content, giving you options dependent on the type of data and collaboration requirement.

Businesses around the world need to share data. This data could be corporate documents, contracts, software etc. Up until now, sharing it between users in the same office has been easy via a basic file server or a shared NAS drive. However, more and more people are working remotely, data sizes are increasing and businesses need to share large amounts of data outside of their organization. Collaboration from the cloud solves these issues.

Our team is happy to advise on the best solution.

SharePoint Services

SharePoint collaboration services provide an always-available place via your web browser to share documents, project plans, ideas, contacts, announcements, calendars and anything else your team needs. You can add internal and external users and access from anywhere. This is an excellent option for sharing and collaborating with Microsoft Office and associated document types. SharePoint also supports versioning, which can help ISO certified businesses track document workflows.

Hosted File Server

An alternative to a NAS box or office file server. A hosted file server is delivered securely from our data centers and provides exactly the same experience as having the file server in your office. The only difference is that it can be accessed anywhere by anyone you wish to grant security clearance to, and we provide backup, security and archiving for your data, so it will never be lost.

Cloud Storage

Our Cloud Storage platform offers a simple, low-cost way for customers to store data in the cloud. As well as providing storage that’s accessible from anywhere and always backed up, our Cloud Storage service has an array of state-of-the-art capabilities, enabling users to share and collaborate on files with other users both inside and outside of their own organization. Simple and easy to use, our Cloud Storage can also be used to back up directly to the cloud thanks to a local client, which allows your Cloud Storage drive to appear as a mapped drive on your local machine. This can even be accessed from mobile devices thanks to BlackBerry and iPhone clients.