Hosted MS Office

Service Overview

Is managing your office automation and productivity tools cost prohibitive for your business?

Do you want an easy solution that gives your employees the ability to access popular Microsoft Office tools (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) without having to manage installation and upgrades? We have your solution.

Hosted Microsoft Office Services provide access to applications such as Word, Excel, and Powerpoint from any computer through a  remote access solution for a simple monthly per user fee.  Customers avoid capital expenditures associated with buying and implementing their own installation of Microsoft Office.  Customers also enjoy the benefit of receiving upgrades as part of their monthly fees.

What is included?

Hosted Microsoft Office Solution includes the following:

  • Microsoft Word – word processing
  • Microsoft Excel – spreadsheet
  • Microsoft PowerPoint – presentations

Optionally, we can also include the following applications:

  • Microsoft Visio – diagramming / flowcharting
  • Microsoft Access – database / analytics / reporting

Why ?

Managing office automation applications and upgrades internally can be cost prohibitive and distracting to your business.  Our expertise and infrastructure enable you to deploy these productivity tools very quickly and cost effectively in your business.