About Us

FMP Media/Networks was founded in 1986 headquartered in Scottsdale Arizona USA with support centers globally. We have been providing professional consulting, professional practice services and eBusiness solutions since our inception. FMP Media is a Family of International Companies.

FMP Media believes that proper implementation of any solution requires a clear and transparent overview of the procedures, operations and processes of our clients. FMP Media’s experience and knowledge-base allows our talented staff to ask the key fundamental questions to develop a deeper intimate understanding of your projects. Conversational dialogue is instrumental in exposing the hidden pitfalls and uncovering paths to build upon. If you have questions, we have solutions.

FMP Media/Networks provides solutions based on a client’s needs, priorities and time-lines. We can help define the priorities required for your action plan through a thorough discovery process (Q & A), detailed planning and prioritizing according to your time-line and needs. We use all the action initiatives and evaluations; making them the basis for your design.

FMP Media has unique technological knowledge that encompasses many industries and market segments. We provide in depth consulting services for Medical, Legal, Real Estate, Professional Practices and more. Typical clients are professional practices and corporations that rely on technology for their day-to-day operations. FMP Media helps clients make sense of the complex technologies they depend upon everyday.

FMP Media also provides solutions for data protection, encryption, security; Document and Forms processing, automation and archiving; mobile technologies & telecommunications. We specialize in providing consultation on technological innovations to prepare you for tomorrow. We understand the importance of integrity in the handling of sensitive information. Our seasoned technology experts will help you wade through the dangerous waters where your operations can become short circuited.

FMP Media combines the full-service web design, content creation, marketing and e-solutions you have been searching for in one premium boutique. Offering graphic design work, websites, logos, e-commerce solutions, internet marketing, search engine optimization services and web hosting. FMP Media can handle all facets of your internet marketing and eCommerce business needs.