Basic Services

We provide Business IT On Demand, a collective term which encompasses the range of cloud computing services we offer. Cloud Computing is enabling customers to access IT services from the cloud without any infrastructure investment or any services deployed in-house. We take complex services and makes them consumable to small and medium-sized businesses through abstraction, […]

FMP Media is hired as advisers to a variety of individuals and businesses in diverse arenas. Having the knowledge base, resources and qualified consultants equipped with all manners of expertise; truly sets FMP Media apart from other consulting agencies. Our tactical team is ready to tackle business problems and swiftly provide solutions. Strategy consulting; specializing […]

Data security is vital in today’s information intensive environments. Securing your data, network, remote & physical premises are key to deterring the detriments that insecure operations can cause. Daily encrypted backup is a priority. Traffic filtering for malicious code and intrusion detection should be standard practice if you are connected to any network. A breach […]

Our consultants and analysts know how to find and fix any security vulnerabilities that your business may currently have or incur. Protecting Data is about managing risks. Companies who do not adequately protect and secure their operations can incur substantial loss, liability and operational downtime. Permanent loss of data; malware or viral infections can and […]

FMP Media Consulting is an industry leader in IT Strategy & Planning (ITSP). The technology marketplace is growing everyday and competition is forcing companies to make better use of technology to be more efficient. At FMP Media Consulting we implement information technologies. Our Information Technology Strategic Plans (ITSP) include technology strategies to plan for the […]

Every year, unrecoverable data loss costs businesses millions of dollars. More than ever it’s vital to have a process, like managed data backups, in place to preserve your data, maintain its integrity and keep your business operating unimpeded and without loss. In the aftermath of any disaster, whether man-made or natural, more than 50% of […]

Who Needs Data Encryption or Email Security ? Data or Email encryption isn’t for everyone but is critical for many. If you answer “yes” to any of the questions below you should consider ensuring your privacy with some form of secure data & email service. • Do you exchange confidential financial or personal data via […]

IT solutions for companies of every size, whether you have five employees or a burgeoning Fortune 500. Network systems, servers, security & software To ensure maximum up-time, you have to proactively monitor your systems around the clock to detect any anomalies that might indicate an imminent problem. You also have to do routine upgrades, system […]

Virtual Private Network (VPN) Secure VPN tunnel connections enable remote office network access and branch office-to-branch office connectivity without the cost of long distance dial-up connections. VPNs help you save hundreds or thousands of dollars on telecommunications costs without compromising the security of your data. Our VPN consultants specialize in VPNs that solve your remote […]

The Missing Link For Surveillance & Security There’s a good chance that you’re not getting all the value you could be getting from your surveillance systems. Every day, they’re capturing highly valuable information about your business…information that typically goes undiscovered and unused. Technology-Enabled Surveillance Auditing changes that. We use the surveillance assets you already have […]

FMP Media is committed to professional practice environments. All professional practices have their own unique and specific operations that require specialized consultation prior to any implementations. FMP Media has the intimate knowledge, experience and expertise through our client base that ensures we understand your business needs. Many professional practice environments have stringent industry guidelines and […]