Surveillance & Auditing

The Missing Link For Surveillance & Security

There’s a good chance that you’re not getting all the value you could be getting from your surveillance systems. Every day, they’re capturing highly valuable information about your business…information that typically goes undiscovered and unused.

Technology-Enabled Surveillance Auditing changes that. We use the surveillance assets you already have and apply an effective blend of video analytics and human auditing to reveal valuable business intelligence that helps optimize performance across the location. From operational efficiency and staffing plans to merchandising optimization and customer experience insights.

Most importantly our advanced tools and reports are designed specifically with business users in mind, so they’re intuitive and actionable with clear, at-a-glance insights and direct links to video that matters.

Get the value you should be getting from your surveillance systems. Our services uncover the information you need to optimize performance now.

Increase Performance For Your Business

You can’t effectively manage what you can’t measure. And, until now, there has been no way to effectively measure what matters most.

Solutions for restaurants, convenience stores, retailers, small business and most all owners and operators can get instant access to insights that make a difference. You will know more about how productive your employees are. More about your customers’ experiences, More about how efficient your operations are and more about what sells in your stores; what doesn’t, and why. The insights you will get cover all day, every day for a complete picture of what truly happens at each location.