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Help – Free vs. Paid (Antivirus, Firewall, Spyware)

With free anti-virus programs most of the companies that offer a free program also sell a commercial version. This clearly indicates that there is a difference.  Viruses, Trojans and worms are dealt with by anti-virus programs, while spyware and adware… Read more

Help – Computer Cleaning & Optimization

Word of Warning! Removing items just because you don’t know what they are is very dangerous. Windows based ‘Registry’ system is extremely complicated, so these ‘cleanup programs’ must guess what needs to stay and what it thinks it can remove.… Read more

Help – Be careful on Install

Pay attention ……. when  installing software programs. Here’s the number one way to keep most junk from getting into your computer. PAY ATTENTION! What I am referring to is that dizzying (by design) number of screens that come up when… Read more

Help – Wi-fi Connections

Troubleshooting WiFi problems Networking issues have always been one of the more problematic areas in the tech world because of all the complexity and the introduction (and popularity) of wireless networking has made it even more problematic. ‘Wired’ is always… Read more

Help – Backups

The most common backup mistakes Information contained herein may have changed since posting. In the world of computers, there are only two types of hard drives: Those that have failed and those that are going to fail (which kind do… Read more