Forms Processing

FMP Media/Networks will design and install custom form processes to meet a client’s specific needs. The reality of our paperless society is just becoming more burdened with the influx of mounds of more information from all avenues. Legal Firms, Medical Facilities and all other business sectors that me have a deluge or imaging, case files, patient records or other data that needs to be turned in to digital archives. Add indexing, searching, encryption and other features and safeguards to bring you operation full circle with added efficiency and secure data records.

Document, image, forms processing; automated information management and shared access systems can save hours of valuable time. Empower employees, clients and customers with a consistent knowledge distribution and feedback mechanism.

FMP Media/Networks Forms Processing:

  • Forms Processing (Creation, Conversion, Filling)
  • Digital & Paper Conversion Processing
  • Information Archival Automation
  • Image Capture/Storage (X-Rays, Photographs, Film Positive/Negative)
  • Shared Document Environments
  • Document Intensive Environments
  • Secure Document Distribution
  • OCR/Language Conversions

Creating custom functional forms is a solution that allows report generation and database coordination with all other processes.